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Removing Bursting control files
Written by Patrick van Zweden   

When you look closely at the page where you can upload you're data templates and bursting control files you'll notice an odd thing...... There's no delete button.

Using triggers with XML Publisher
Written by Patrick van Zweden   

Sometimes there are certain actions that need to be performed before an XML report is produced. Or certain actions have to be performed after an XML report has run (updating values in a table, kicking off the bursting engine, etc).

In the past these kind of actions were accomplished by using beforeReport and afterReport triggers in the Oracle Reports report. With the rise of XML publisher as the recommended way for producing reports it may seem that this triggers are gone.

Creating text files with bursting
Written by Patrick van Zweden   

For the customer i had to create a solution which generated PDF files out of the data of the appraisal (HR) module. These files need to be imported into another system so another requirement was the fact that meta-data has to be provided. The meta-data needs to be provided as a flat text-file.

The first thought that sprang to my mind was: "Let's use the bursting engine to accomplish this".

However this turned out to be more of a challenge than expected.

Download this file (control_file.xml)control_file.xml[Bursting control file]0.7 Kb
Download this file (etext_template.rtf)etext_template.rtf[etext template]27 Kb