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Use more than one session from the same computer

Sometimes you want to use multiple logons to the same Oracle EBS environment from the same desktop PC. Maybe you want to test things which require the use of two different user accounts. With a simple extra option added to the IE8+ shortcut you can realize this.

When using IE 8 and above you need to give Internet Explorer a special start up parameter to be able to do this. In the past every "new" Internet Explorer process was a process on it's own. Starting with IE 8 Microsoft has changed this. A "new" Internet Explorer is a new instance of the same process, so they share some things. This was done to improve performance.

IE properties

To get the "old" behavior of having a "new" process of IE instead of a new instance you can add the option: -noframemerging

When this option has been added you can login with multiple user accounts from the same desktop PC.