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"debuggerd has unexpected contents"

The upgrade to android 4.4.3 seemed to fail on my Nexus 7 2013 tablet. All went well, the tablet downloaded the update, rebooted, and...... showed me a dead android indicating the update failed.

When rebooting the tablet it still was on 4.4.2.

So what to do when an update fails? Let's investigate!

Use more than one session from the same computer

Sometimes you want to use multiple logons to the same Oracle EBS environment from the same desktop PC. Maybe you want to test things which require the use of two different user accounts. With a simple extra option added to the IE8+ shortcut you can realize this.

Quick submission of concurrent program in selfservice
Written by Patrick van Zweden   

Submitting a concurrent program via selfservice can be quite cumbersome for users. It's possible to make their day a bit better by shortening the submission procedure.....

When you submit a concurrent program from Oracle Applications Self Service module there are a lot of screens to navigate through.

  • Select the program that has to be started and optionally specify an identifying name
  • Fill in the nescessarry parameters
  • Choose a schedule
  • (Optional) choose the layout for XML publisher
  • Choose who to notify upon completion
  • Set Print options
  • Review all settings and submit

Using FNDLOAD from within Ebs
Written by Patrick van Zweden   

When you want to copy developed (functional) items from one instance to another, for example from the acceptance environment to production, FNDLOAD is a great tool to use. Everything is copied in an instant and you're quite sure that it is exactly as the set-up you had in the other environment.

The only thing is..... you normally need access to the applications tier to execute the FDNLOAD command.