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Welcome to the Blog / Articles section of the website.

In this section i try to post little articles and maybe some blog posts on various subjects. Most of them will probably go about Oracle and Oracle e-Business Suite related items. Simply because those are things I encounter a lot, after all I work as a Technical e-Business Suite Consultant at PBVI.

Anyway don't expect frequent posts, just some random (and hopefully interesting) Wink posts.

OBIEE Icon Quickreference

Below is a table with the meaning of most of the icons you'll encounter within the Administration tool of OBIEE. The text (and icons) are copied from the "Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide"

"debuggerd has unexpected contents"

The upgrade to android 4.4.3 seemed to fail on my Nexus 7 2013 tablet. All went well, the tablet downloaded the update, rebooted, and...... showed me a dead android indicating the update failed.

When rebooting the tablet it still was on 4.4.2.

So what to do when an update fails? Let's investigate!